Glossary of Services

Swedish Massage

Smooth strokes providing increased circulation, boosted immune system and overall relaxation. This style is usually light to moderate in pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

Firmer and slower strokes using more pressure through the use of elbows, thumbs and open fists. This work is essential in trigger point therapy, release of persistant knots, and the correction of long-existing pains in a particular area.

Prenatal Massage

Specialized work avoiding acupressure points that could induce labor. This technique focuses on the relaxation of over-stressed joints and muscles involved in the body's preparation to give birth, and the relief of emotional and physical stress on the mother.

Hot Stone Massage

Stones are heated and applied to body to relax muscles and joints in preparation of massage, and then used throughout the massage in deep gliding strokes to acheive maximum benefit of massage work.


Ancient art of trigger point therapy where pressure is applied to 'Meridians' and specific corresponding points in the body to relieve the system of  particular stresses and ailments.


Sports Massage

Technique used for athletes for pre-event or post-event work to avoid cramping, muscle tears or other sports related injuries. Pre-event work is brisk and invigorating, while post-event work is soothing and smooth.


Infant Massage Education

Techniques taught to the parents used to help with newborns and infants. This specialized massage is excellent for parent/infant bonding, discomfort in the newly forming muscles and joints, improved sleep, colic and digestive issues in infants.



"Amanda is one of those rare people with an excellent work ethic and passion for what she is doing.  She is very knowledgeable about massage therapy, but her best feature is that she has incredible people skills and has the ability to make her clients feel comfortable instantly.  She gives a great massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic."

Donna Gerstner, LMT

“Best massage I have ever received. Her hands are magical!”

  Linda Kerr

Rates and Packages
Rates for All Massage Services
30 Minute          $40
60 Minute          $80
75 Minute        $100
90 Minute        $120
120 Minute      $160


*All prices are subject to an additional $20 for offsite or in-home service

**30 min Massages only available in office

***Hot stone massages only available in office


Packages of Hours

Pack of 3 Hours  $215          (Save $25)
Pack of 5 Hours  $350          (Save $50)
 Pack of 10 Hours  $675          (Save $150)


*Massage packages purchased can be used in increments of 30 minutes and
in any combination of time until total hours are used up
**Any combinations/promotions with other services would be
directed to the Pack of 10 Hour rates


Standing Promotions Offered


*15% OFF for those working in the following fields*:

Law Enforcement Personnel

Fire Fighters



Military Personnel



**Free 15 min Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage for existing clients whose referrals result in a booked appointment.**


***$20 OFF for the Month of Your Birthday!***


****25% OFF First-Time Clients****


(Does not apply to Gift Certificates)

(Cannot be used prior to redeeming a Groupon...

Groupons count as a "first time" discount)