About Me

Amanda Coleman

Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2011, with special focus on the therapeutic side of our work. I get the most gratification from helping those in need, and actually repairing issues and providing a better quality of life to my clients.

My specialty is deep tissue work with acupressure infused to the sessions to allow for the maximum outcome for each session. I also enjoy the art of aromatherapy, which can be tailored to each client and their respective preferences and issues.


I was raised mostly in Texas, but have lived all over the country including San Francisco, Seattle, Boise, Raleigh and New Orleans. Having lived in so many different places has afforded me the ability to greet all walks of life with an open mind and a compassionate disposition. No matter the individual's back ground or experiences, I have found that people are inherently good and deserving of kindness and respect. It is with this attitude that I approach all my clients, and why I entered this field in the first place. I simply enjoy making people feel better and to help them acheive a higher quality of life.


When I am not at work, I spend as much time as I can with my three children, Emma, Isabella, and Henry, along with my amazing partner, David. I love to garden, cook, read, write and create crafts. Most importantly, I try to live by my own advice to my clients, and that is to get good sleep, make smart choices in diet and portions, stay active and always make time for self-care!


I hope to serve you well, and bring relaxation, relief and especially joy to your life!


Amanda Coleman, LMT